TAG & BRINK Partnership Announcement

TAG Towbars / BRINK Group:

Announcement - Distribution Agreement for Australia and New Zealand.

Brisbane, 8 November 2019;

TAG Towbars (SWD Group) and Brink Group (Netherlands) are pleased to announce an exciting new distribution agreement that will see Brink’s world-renowned European Towbars distributed by TAG Towbars throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The TAG / BRINK alliance brings together a range of Towing products that will enable BRINK to grow its market presence within the TAG Distribution Network. TAG will also expand its impressive portfolio of Australian designed and manufactured towbars into the growing European vehicle segment within Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to the BRINK European range manufactured in Europe, BRINK Thailand will be manufacturing the new generation TAG Towbars that have been designed, developed and tested in Australia. Not only do the towbars meet the stringent ADR62/01 standards, but the BRINK manufacturing facilities also meet and exceed IATF 16949 quality standards prescribed by the global vehicle manufacturers.

TAG’s portfolio includes a comprehensive range of TAG+, TAG EURO towbars strengthened by a complete offering of Towing accessories, including TAG Pulse wire harnesses, that are distributed nationally through the TAG Distributor network and sold via leading automotive retailers.

TAG has been designing and manufacturing towbars in Australia for over 30 years and has one of the largest ranges of towbars and wiring solutions that cover over 90% of the vehicles on the road in Australia.

BRINK is a global market leader in designing, testing and selling flanged balls, fixed, detachable and retractable towbars to most car manufacturers and distributors around the world. BRINK have as many as a thousand different towbar models and wiring kits in their collection, developed over two hundred new types per year, and currently, have about 25 million vehicles worldwide driving around with their towbars.

Together, TAG Towbars and BRINK believe that this alliance for distribution will deliver the best range of products enabling a comprehensive offering to the TAG Distribution network and automotive retail groups.

BRINK has global expertise, renowned products, and TAG has a strong and growing brand presence in the Australian market. The BRINK slogan is “Your perfect fit”, and we see our partnership as such, not only will it strengthen our business, the end-user will benefit from our joint forces.

TAG Towbars is delighted to announce this new distribution alliance with a globally renowned brand. In the 16 months since the formation of the SWD Group, the seven distribution centres and two manufacturing facilities around Australia have been through rigorous restructuring and alignment to meet growing global economic pressures and make provision for alliances and partnerships akin to the BRINK announcement today.

The BRINK range fits right into our current warehousing and logistics model, enabling our wholesale business to provide a comprehensive service to our TAG Distributors now and into the future.

Customers will begin to see the introduction of the BRINK European range of products early in 2020, followed by the arrival of Thailand manufactured products shortly after that.

TAG BRINK Towbar Partnership

Left to right: Sven Arend CEO Brink Group, Koen Buyst Vice President IAM Sales & Marketing Brink Group, Kurt Schmid CEO SWD Group, Mike Tomsett COO SWD Group