Why Your Ute or Modified Vehicle May Need A Heavy Duty Extended Towbar

Designed specifically for most tray back utes on the market today, TAG offers a wide range of Extended Towbars that are made to improve the towing experience without compromising on safety and towing capacity.

TAG Extended Towbars for utes and modified vehicles and trays

The Heavy Duty Class 4 Extended Towbars from TAG are engineered to extend the hitch reach of the towbar on vehicles with large tray backs or other modifications. This helpful design caters to the specific requirements of drivers who need an easily accessible towbar that ensures a seamless towing experience.

What’s the benefit of getting an Extended Towbar over an Extended Hitch?

Some people opt to get an Extended Hitch to extend their current towbar reach, this does solve the accessibility issue when it comes to towing with a tray. Unfortunately, the Extended Hitch does result in a compromise of both towing capacity and ball weight. TAG Extended Towbars are meticulously designed to ensure that the tow ball is accessible and maintains the maximum towing capacity and ball weight limits of the towing vehicles.

Safety First

Safety is always at the forefront of our design process. Each Extended Towbar is stress-tested to exceed ADR62 towing requirements and rated to your vehicle's maximum towing capacity to ensure the utmost safety during towing operations. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that their towing setup is engineered to provide a safe and secure towing experience.

Get the most out of your towing setup

TAG’s Extended Towbars represent a true fusion of innovation and practicality. Whether you need a solution for your fleet, or your specially modified vehicle, TAG has the perfect solution to expand your vehicle's towing capabilities. With our comprehensive range of Extended Towbars, exceptional towing capacity, and unwavering commitment to safety, TAG Towbars remains the go-to choice for drivers seeking a reliable and efficient towing solution.

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