Aftermarket Towbars and Warranties - What You Need To Know

Are you wondering how Aftermarket Towbars can impact your warranty? Luckily, modifying a vehicle does not automatically void a manufacturers warranty. Here is everything you need to know to give you confidence when purchasing TAG Towbars & Accessories.

TAG XR Towbar on ute with beach in background

Will Vehicle Modifications Affect My Vehicle Warranty?

Towbars are considered a vehicle modification and are used to improve the vehicles functionality. The ACCC and Australian Consumer Law state that modifying a vehicle does not automatically void a manufacturers warranty. 

Simply put, a car fitted with a fit for purpose part will not void a warranty. Should a problem result in the vehicle as a result of the modification, the problem will be covered under the part manufacturer or fitters warranty.

Purchasing a TAG Towbar Over Dealership 'Preferred'

Many consumers are scared into purchasing dealership 'preferred' accessories even though aftermarket products are often of superior quality.

TAG Towbars are required to meet appropriate Australian Design Rules and Australian Standards. You can view TAG's Towbar compliance information here. 

TAG Warranty & Refunds

All TAG products are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, read more about our warranty and refund policy here.


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